Comprehensive Full Body Massage

Massage, also known as Tui-Na, has been practiced by the Chinese by 4,000 years. It is a traditional based program in which specific pressure points on the body are pressed to release tension, ease fatigue and cure chronic aches. Massage uses traditional Chinese medical therapy about the flow of energy (Ying and Yang) through body's meridian system to increase the flow of life force and energy. In this way, it is similar to the concepts known in Vinyasa yoga. We recommend this as 60-minute session.

Reflexology for Tired Feet

High heels and narrow boots are attractive but they are terrible for one's feet. The feet have numerous pressure points, each connected to a part of the body. Reflexology uses the pressure points on the feet to re-orient the body. Instead of having swollen feet, a 30-minute foot massage not only will cure your tired feet but will give you naturally sound sleep. Reflexology revitalizes our body's energy flow and promotes natural healing.

Head and Shoulder Massage

This massage is particularly helpful for office workers who are hunched over laptops or computers all day. This 30-minute session will relax you head and shoulder and release the tension in the upper back. We recommend this as a typical 30-minute session.

Combined Packages

We offer combined packages for your convenience. If this is your first time visiting us and would like to try different packages, try one of these below.